Cure for the Common is an independent creative studio founded in 2012 by designer and creative director Andy Sheffield.
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Cure for the Common is centered around arts, entertainment, fashion and music. We also collaborate with established agencies and firms as a conceptual partner, often in the early stages of a project. The studio specializes in all manner of branding, design and art direction to fully realize a beautiful and relevant image, whether you are a person or inanimate object. Founder and Creative Director Andy Sheffield is the creative force behind the studio, designing it to be cross-discipline, exploratory, provocative and memorable. A lifelong enemy of mediocrity, Andy guides the studio with a keen eye toward high style aligned with sound substance.

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1NE 9INE 8IGHT 4OUR Denim, Claire Rosen, Drew Gurian, Four Kings Productions, Flight Club Entertainment, i2Systems, Karmaloop Media, Kent Miller Studios, MRY, NuSense Music Group, RAIN New York, Steelmatic, Tunnel Vision Records, Terence Osborne Productions, Training Camp Music, Well Written Music, Westchester Sandbox Theatre

With Our Partners
Airborne, Armor All, Bolthouse Farms, Cadbury Schweppes, CBS Radio, Campbells, Craftsman, Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma, Dixie, Douglas Elliman, Dunkin' Donuts, Duracell, Earthbound Farm, Heineken USA, Honeywell, InBev, iRobot, Jagermeister, Keurig, Maxfield, Neutrogena, PepsiCo, Rembrandt, Toys "R" Us, Unilever, Vlasic, Wal Mart, William Grant & Sons, Welch's